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When patients are faced with the possible loss of a natural tooth, they need to learn more about the options available to them to save their tooth whenever possible. In most cases, it is best to keep a tooth. However, there are situations in which patients do not have the option to do so. Learning about repairing teeth can be done with the assistance of Dr. Brendon Prestwich of Ivory Dental in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who can walk patients through the options available to them—including root canals.

What is root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is often dreaded by patients. However, this procedure can save a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. Root canal therapy is a procedure during which the dentist deadens the tooth by removing the dental pulp inside of this. The pulp includes the mass of tissues which house the blood supply and the nerves. Once removed, the tooth structure stays but the tooth itself is no longer “alive” in the dental sense. This allows the patient to avoid extraction and replacement while addressing the problem that caused the need for the root canal in the first place.

Who might require root canal therapy?

There are several situations in which patients may need to undergo root canal therapy.

  • A tooth has a large cavity that goes deep into the dental pulp and has caused an infection.
  • An injury has occurred to the tooth, which has damaged the dental pulp.
  • The patient is experiencing a severe toothache due to infection of the dental pulp.

Who is a candidate for root canal therapy?

Any patient who is faced with any of the above conditions can benefit from root canal therapy. Speaking to a professional is the first step in finding out more. Contact the staff of Ivory Dental today by calling (505) 404-6111 and visiting at 5920 Whiteman Drive in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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