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Do you look in the mirror and see horrible stains on your teeth? You brush them thoroughly, but they don’t go away! What are you supposed to do? This is actually quite normal for Albuquerque residents, and at Ivory Dental, we have a variety of ways to fix this problem.

Often, people turn to tooth whitening as the go-to choice. However, it might not work for your teeth, especially if they’re badly stained or from inorganic things.

Therefore, you might want to consider alternatives, and dental bonding is a great choice. For this treatment, we apply some special material to the fronts of your teeth. We match it up with the color of your surrounding teeth, which helps to improve your smile’s appearance.

With this treatment, we can also hide various defects and abnormalities within your tooth. We’re sure that you’re interested in learning more. Continue reading to find out when dental bonding is effective and more.

What Do We Use Dental Bonding For?

We can correct many different issues with dental bonding, such as:

• Chips – Our composite resin fills in the chipped area of your tooth to help smooth it and hide that chip.
• Discoloration – Those with significant discoloration can hide those imperfections using dental bonding. It works well for teeth that can’t have whitening treatments.
• Small size – We can put this resin material around the edge of the tooth to help it appear bigger than it is.
• Gaps – Most people have minor gaps between their teeth (often the front). Orthodontics isn’t necessary, but we can still hide that gap using dental bonding.
• Shortness – If you have short teeth, we can apply this resin to the tooth’s chewing surface to help them appear longer.

We use the same resin materials for tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding. It often comes in different shades, so we pick the right one to match your other teeth. That way, you can’t tell where the material is and the natural tooth. The results look great, so no one notices.

The Procedure

As the patient, dental bonding is a simple and pain-free procedure. Usually, we don’t use anesthesia to help you stay comfortable. However, there might be times where the chip leaves sensitivity behind, or the issue is right by the nerve. When that happens, we do offer a local anesthetic to numb that area.

Typically, we use cotton pads around the area we’re working on. That way, the pads can absorb more moisture and keep that space dry.

When you’re comfortable, and the dentist has the right tools, he chooses the resin color that perfectly matches your natural teeth. Then, he uses a solution on the tooth, which roughens it a bit. That way, this resin sticks better to the tooth’s surface.

This is sometimes called etching. You may notice a sour or bitter taste if it gets onto your tongue. However, it doesn’t hurt.

Once the preparations are done, the dentist carefully shapes the resin to look like your tooth. Then, he pressed it on and reshapes it with tools.

The Finishing Touches

The resin now looks like your tooth and covers the imperfections. Now, we harden it with a special UV light. It’s blue, and we place it on the tooth for a minute or so to harden the material.

Once it hardens, we smooth off the sharp edges of the resin. That way, you don’t cut your tongue. With a power file, the dentist shapes it and makes it look like a natural tooth. From there, he polishes it up so that it shines and looks beautiful.

Who Should Get Dental Bonding?

In most cases, dental bonding takes two visits to the Albuquerque office. The first one features the consultation to determine why you want this procedure and if it can help you. We also check the teeth to make sure that the bond is safe and effective for your smile.

Typically, we can also recommend other procedures. That way, you have all of the facts and can make an informed decision. With that, you may find that dental bonding isn’t ideal for your situation. Often, it works best for your front teeth and not the back ones. They require structural support, so we usually use a crown on those.

Still, dental bonding is appropriate for patients of any age. Therefore, teens and kids can also have this procedure done!

Advantages of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding offers many benefits. Though it’s a cosmetic procedure and not often covered by insurance, it is more affordable than other options. The amount you pay depends on how many teeth you’re bonding. Plus, this is a simple treatment that can be done in the office. You can save time and enjoy your smile once again.

Plus, dental bonding hides various imperfections in the teeth. You can fill in minor cracks and chips, especially when they aren’t severe enough for restorative treatments. With that, bonding can hide stains caused by smoking and food when tooth whitening isn’t ideal.

We also use dental bonding materials for fillings, which are often better than amalgam versions. The composite resin is durable and strong to protect weak or decayed teeth. Plus, they match the color of your existing tooth, so no one knows you’ve had dental work done.

Risks of Dental Bonding

There aren’t many serious or significant side effects associated with the dental bonding process. Sometimes, your tooth might be more sensitive afterward. This often happens when fixing cracks and chips. However, it usually goes away within a day or so.

Typically, we ask you not to eat cold, sweet, or hot foods for a few days afterward.

Other times, the resin falls out when you’re chewing or brushing. We can easily replace it, so just call to get another appointment.

You should also remember that we cannot whiten composite resin used for dental bonding. Therefore, if it stains, you must have it replaced. It’s best to avoid darker beverages and foods once you have had dental bonding.

Learn Why Ivory Dental Is the Right Choice

Everyone can enjoy a beautiful smile. If your teeth are relatively healthy but have some minor imperfections, dental bonding is a great choice. It’s not permanent, but your bond can last up to 10 years or more if you use proper care and maintain your teeth.

Many Albuquerque residents have had excellent results with their dental bonds. However, it’s our goal to discuss every option available to you. That way, you know what’s likely and what can help you improve your smile the best.

At Ivory Dental, we focus solely on your needs. Therefore, we talk to you about different treatments and can recommend the best one. Call for your appointment to schedule a consultation. It’s the first step to a brighter and beautiful smile!