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Everyone needs dental care, but children should visit a pediatric dentist. The good news here is that you can go to Ivory Dental, and we offer services for the whole family. Those in Albuquerque are sure to appreciate the pediatric dental care we provide to their children. That way, you’re not visiting multiple dentists, which might require more travel or be out of the city.

When you come to us, you’ve got a dentist with a gentle and kind touch. We have the right tools for smaller mouths, too. That way, your children aren’t uncomfortable and can relax at the dentist’s office.

We’re always excited and happy to see your child. They may not be overly excited to come to the Albuquerque office, but they aren’t likely to be scared!

It’s a great idea to have your child start good oral routines now. They’re sure to need them forever, so you want them to get comfortable with the dentist, even before they’ve cut their first tooth. That way, they aren’t scared by the office’s appearance, smells, and processes.

What Pediatric Dental Services Do We Offer?

We always prefer to monitor a child’s dental growth and development throughout the years. That way, we can prevent issues wherever possible or correct them sooner. This also saves you money and can help you feel more confident about your child’s smile.

Therefore, we offer many different pediatric dental services for kids. For most children, that requires routine cleanings and checkups. They may need a filling or two as they get older, but that’s often the extent. Still, we often recommend fluoride and sealants.

However, the ultimate goal here is to get them prepared for their adult dental visits. They spend their younger years having a kind, caring dentist who treats them well. Therefore, they aren’t scared and continue the practice of visiting the dentist regularly.

Here are a few of the services we offer for children:

Why Are Routine Checkups and Cleanings Important?

Each year, your child needs to have two dental cleanings and checkups. Adults also require this, so it’s the same across the board.

Primarily, we use this time to take X-rays of your child’s mouth. This helps us know what’s happening inside their teeth. We also check their gums and teeth and clean them. That way, we know that their smile is developing properly.

If there might be an issue later, we talk about that so that you’re prepared. Also, we can discuss treatment options if we notice a problem that must be dealt with quickly.

Generally, we also discuss why your child should be brushing and flossing each day. If they don’t know how we can show them the right way. You’re there with them, so you learn the right technique. That way, you can supervise them at home to ensure that they’re doing it right!

Can Your Child Get Fillings and Sealants?

Yes! Though we hope to prevent cavities with proper cleanings and checkups, decay is still possible. We can easily fill up that hole with a filling, and it’s painless. That way, bacteria don’t spread more. With that, we can offer tooth-colored fillings or use metal ones.

However, dental sealants are often recommended for kids. It’s an invisible coating made of plastic that we put on the back teeth and chewing surfaces. Your child doesn’t notice it, but it protects their teeth from cavities.

Sealed teeth can help you save money and prevents tooth decay, which can be painful and scary.

What Are the Benefits of the Age-One Appointment?

The ADA claims that children should have their first dental checkup at 1 year old. This is a crucial visit because we check the baby teeth for cavities. You might not realize that baby teeth can get cavities, but they can.

Often, this tells us if your child might have more challenges than others because of how their baby teeth develop.

During the visit, you can learn how to take care of your child’s mouth. We discuss various developmental milestones, as well. This way, you know when and what to expect. You and your child understand why oral hygiene is important. Plus, you can brush and floss for your child until they’re old enough to do it with supervision!

Please don’t skip this appointment because it’s so important!

Crowns, Fluoride Treatments, Bonding, and Space Maintainers

While fillings, sealants, checkups, and cleanings are the top reasons to visit a pediatric dentist, they aren’t the only ones.

We often recommend fluoride treatments because this mineral can help prevent cavities. It kills the bacteria so that it can’t grow and develop, causing pain and issues. When your child is here for a routine checkup, we can perform the treatment in our office!

Crowns are another treatment option for children. A child might fracture or crack a tooth while playing, and a crown covers and protects it from more damage. That way, it functions normally again.

Bonding is yet another procedure we offer for children. If your child has discolored teeth, chips, or irregular spacing, we can use this treatment. It’s often better for them to wait for permanent restorations!

Space maintainers are essential if your child loses their baby teeth too soon. That way, the permanent tooth can take its time coming in and has the space needed to do so!

Why Children Might Need These Services

Those aren’t the only treatments we offer for children. You can also get orthodontics (braces) for your child, which helps them have straight teeth as adults. Mouthguards are another great option, especially for kids who grind their teeth or play sports.

Regardless, children need these dental services to have a healthy mouth now. That way, as adults, they have a good chance of better oral health habits. With that, they learn that it’s not scary to go to the dentist, which also indicates that they might continue seeing the dentist when they’re old enough to make their own decisions.

It’s never too early to instill good memories of the dentist’s office! We make sure that they have a pleasant time.

Trust Ivory Dental with Your Family’s Dental Health

Everyone needs to have proper dental care to maintain their oral health. However, it’s often hard to do that as adults because you’ve been scared or had a bad experience.

Therefore, it’s crucial to bring your children for dental care at an early age. We can see kids as young as 1 year old! That way, they’re more familiar with the office, the sounds, and the staff. They can relax and understand why their teeth need proper care and how to do it for themselves.

We’re here for the whole family. You can bring everyone along and make a block appointment. Have everyone’s teeth cleaned and checked the same day, making it worth the trip to Albuquerque. Plus, when you’re done, you can all enjoy what the city has to offer!

Please call to make appointments for the whole family now. You’re sure to be happy you did!