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A dental emergency includes anything that requires immediate attention and treatment when related to the mouth. Most people end up putting off emergency dental care for the simple reason that they don’t know it’s a real emergency. However, this isn’t a great idea because it could cause serious complications at a later time.

If you live in Albuquerque, you’re sure to have mouth or tooth problems at some point. We always hope that this doesn’t happen, but when it does, Ivory Dental is here to assist you!

You always try to be healthy during the day by exercising, eating right, and boosting your energy when needed. However, some people don’t realize that their workouts and eating habits might damage their mouths.

For example, if you eat a hard carrot, you might break a tooth. What if you’re exercising and trip over your foot, hitting your chin and causing pain in the teeth and jaw?

Emergency Dentistry in Albuquerque

Emergency dentistry in Albuquerque is available to everyone in the area. If you are experiencing a dental crisis, you can call the office anytime to request service.

That means you aren’t required to call in, request an appointment, and wait your turn for days or weeks. We do provide routine and regular appointments for those who need them. However, when an emergency arises, you want a dentist who can help you immediately, and we are there for you each step of the way!

You must know what a dental emergency is so that you handle it properly. We’re going to explain when to see an emergency dentist and what that type of care includes. Plus, you can learn a bit about prices.

That way, you’re prepared if ever a dental emergency arises. It’s never fun to deal with, but when you know you can rely on Ivory Dental, it makes the prospect a little easier to handle.

When Should You See an Emergency Dentist?

There might be many instances where you need to see an emergency dentist. Though you can reduce your pain with OTC painkillers, that might not be enough to reduce swelling. This often indicates an infection, so you should visit Ivory Dental in Albuquerque.

Pain is often the first indication of a problem, but you may see bleeding. If a tooth is knocked or falls out, this is an emergency. Consider visiting an emergency dentist if you experience these problems:

• Dental Abscess - When you have a tooth abscess, it means there’s an infection in the tooth root. This is often caused by cavities and gum disease. See an emergency dentist immediately.
• Swollen Jaw – Jaw swelling indicates severe infections. If you also have a fever, trouble breathing, or trouble swallowing, you require emergency dental care.

What Does Emergency Dental Care Include?

Usually, emergency dental care includes many different things, and it depends on what happened to your smile. For example, if you are currently bleeding from the mouth, you must stop the flow first before you can do anything else.

That way, you can call the dentist and talk to them to receive an appointment time. Once the blood has stopped flowing, the dentist can easily check your teeth and mouth to locate the problem.

We realize that you are likely in significant pain right now. In fact, you might have an infection somewhere in your teeth or mouth. Our goal right now is to find the problem, treat it, and determine the underlying cause of the issue.

Generally, our process is straightforward and includes these steps:

• Stopping the blood flow
• Checking the mouth and teeth for issues
• Finding the problem
• Choosing an emergency treatment plan to prevent more blood from flowing and alleviate pain
• Scheduling a future appointment (or many) to fix the underlying reasons for the problem

Will My Insurance Cover an Emergency Dental Visit?

In many cases, dental insurance can cover emergency dental visits and services rendered. However, it’s important to check your individual policy to determine what’s covered, how often, and when. We can’t guarantee that your treatment is covered by your insurance plan.

Usually, it is easy to check the policy, and you should do this before the emergency happens. That way, you already know what’s covered and are less anxious when any issue occurs.

If the insurance doesn’t cover that particular treatment or issue, do not fear. You may still use Ivory Dental services because we offer payment plans. This ensures that you get the quality care you deserve and require without having to worry as much about how to pay for it.

What Should You Do in a Dental Emergency Situation?

Most people panic when they have a dental emergency, but the first thing you should do is remain calm. We realize that might be hard, so here are a few steps you can take to handle this upsetting situation:

• Stop the bleeding if possible.
• Call Ivory Dental or ask someone else to do it for you.
• Find any broken tooth fragments and collect them. Bring them with you to your appointment. Clean the injured area with warm water, and then use a cold cloth over the site of your injury.
• Only touch the crown of a knocked-out permanent tooth. Try to put it back into the space and hold it there if needed. If you can’t keep it in the socket, put it in a glass filled with cold milk to preserve it until you arrive at Ivory Dental for emergency treatment.
• Use warm salt water rinses to help with a painful toothache until you receive emergency dental care.

Walk-in Emergency Dentist Near Me

Everyone needs to find an emergency dentist near their home. You are in significant pain at that point and could be bleeding. Sometimes, you require the lost tooth to be put back in. Therefore, you don’t want to drive for a long time.

While you might ask someone to drive you, many people are too busy to drive you around town and wait for you. When you choose Ivory Dental in Albuquerque, NM, you know it’s in your current area. Therefore, you can get there on time without driving long distances!

We’re different from any other emergency dental care services because we offer walk-in treatments. In fact, you’re not required to call us for an appointment first. However, we do appreciate the courtesy when it’s possible. That means you can be at work or running errands when the emergency hits and receive proper care from us!

Finding the Right Emergency Dentist in Albuquerque

When you are searching for an emergency dentist in Albuquerque, NM, here are a few things you should consider:

• Seek care within your city. That way, it’s easier to drive to your emergency dentist and get there quickly. At Ivory Dental, we’re located in Albuquerque, NM, making us a close option!
• Before you require emergency dental care services, ensure that your dentist accepts your insurance if you have it.
• If you don’t have insurance, look for dentists who accept payments for big bills. Just remember: We offer routine dental care, as well!
• Choose an emergency dentist who offers walk-in options. That way, you don’t need an appointment and can get quality care without any hassles. You’re in pain right now, so you don’t need the extra aggravation.
• Consider the dental services offered by the dentist. You should get a general dentist who provides emergency care options. That way, you can go to a single office and get it all done. We offer many service types and are always available during a dental emergency, too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone has questions about emergency dental care, and we hope you’re reading this while preparing for a later date. Our goal is to ensure that you get the information you need immediately.

Please take a look at our FAQ section to see if they answer your questions. If not, you may call and ask anything you want. That way, you’re comfortable with Ivory Dental and know that we’re here for you!

What Is a Dental Emergency?

Dental emergencies can be anything, which includes:

• Swelling of the cheeks, jaw, or mouth
• Broken tooth that’s painful or sharp
• Abscess or serious infections
• Inflammation
• Loose teeth
• Loss of a permanent tooth
• Bleeding from the gums or mouth
• Severe pain
• High fever from any of those issues

However, the problem you have might not be an emergency. For example, if you have a mild toothache without severe pain, you can wait to schedule an appointment at our office. We’re still sure to get you in fast, though. If you’re not sure if it’s an emergency, walk into the office and let us take care of you!

Is It Possible to Avoid Dental Emergencies?

Yes! You can avoid a dental emergency by doing certain things. These include:

• Not opening things with your teeth
• Avoid chewing on popcorn kernels, ice, and hard candy
• Using a mouthguard when playing sports or exercising
• Always pay attention to the gums and mouth. Your body is different than anyone else’s, so you should know what’s normal for you. Seek treatment if anything feels off.
• Floss and brush your teeth as recommended by your dentist
• Visit Ivory Dental for routine cleanings and dental check-ups (preferably twice a year)
• Take care of your overall health issues. Diabetes and heart disease might cause dental issues, too. Visit your general doctor to get routine check-ups, as well.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but as long as you are careful, things may not progress to emergency status.

Can You Help If I Don’t Want Braces?

We realize that some people dislike the appearance of metal braces. You still need a straight smile, and we have options that can help.

With the Invisalign system, you have clear trays that look like retainers. These go over the teeth and are virtually invisible. You wear them during the day and can laugh, drink, and eat with no issues. In a sense, you receive a series of retainers that you can wear. They are designed to gradually shift your teeth into the right position.

However, this procedure is not a dental emergency. That’s okay, though! You can call us for an appointment, and we can schedule a time that works for everyone. Then, you may talk to the dentist about your issues so that you’re well on your way to having straighter, more beautiful teeth without metal braces.

This procedure also works well for teens. Please call today and request an appointment.

What Do I Need to Do During a Dental Emergency?

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, you should call Ivory Dental. In fact, you can program our number into your phone so that it’s easier! However, if you’re already out and about or it’s not easy to talk, you can skip that step. Just walk into our office and request help.

You should stay calm during this crisis. We realize that you’re upset about your teeth and everything else on your mind. However, panicking isn’t helpful and can actually cause more issues.

Consider rinsing out your mouth with room-temperature water. That can remove any blood or even stop the blood from flowing. With that, it cleans the area. You may also take OTC pain relievers, but pay attention to how much and when you took it to tell the dentist.

What If My Teeth Are Extremely Discolored?

While this isn’t a dental emergency, Ivory Dental can help you whiten your discolored teeth. We have many cosmetic procedures, and teeth whitening is always popular. The bleaching solution is safe for your teeth and can restore your smile.

We also offer crowns and veneers to hide stains if routine whitening products don’t work. Please call the office to make an appointment. That way, you can discuss your needs and treatment options to determine what’s best for you. With Ivory Dental, you can have a beautiful smile at an affordable price!

Don't Wait to Call Ivory Dental if You Have a Dental Emergency

At Ivory Dental, we never want our patients to be in pain. However, we know that dental emergencies might arise at the most inopportune times. Luckily, we are here to help you! If you live or work in Albuquerque or are close by, please call and let us know that you’re in the middle of a crisis.

If that’s not possible because you can’t talk, just walk into the office to request help. We can determine what’s causing it, how to stop it, and reduce your pain. We’re here for you and offer emergency dental care services when you need them most.

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