Dental Implants Albuquerque

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Missing teeth can impact the smile in many negative ways. They can

  • cause an imbalance in the bite
  • result in an unwanted aesthetic change
  • result in bone loss in the jaw
  • affect one’s ability to speak clearly and eat
  • cause shifting in the existing teeth if not replaced

When patients are experiencing the loss or extraction of a tooth, or several teeth, they need to work with an Albuquerque area dentist to discuss the possibility of placing dental implants.

Dental implant explained

Dental implants are commonly used to replace one or more teeth. These titanium posts are fabricated to place into the jawbone and are restored in several ways to ensure the smile maintains its look and functionality. Implants are the optimum choice for patients seeking permanent ways of repairing the smile.

Benefits of dental implants

There are advantages to the placement of dental implants for patients to consider. Implants are:

  • A wise investment
  • Permanent restorations
  • Best at maintaining bone
  • Tooth root replacements that improve functionality of the smile
  • Easy to care for
  • Simple to restore


Patients who are appropriate candidates for the placement of dental implants are required to undergo an initial consultation and evaluation. During this time, Dr. Brendon Prestwich of Ivory Dental will assess the smile and determine if patients can move forward with this treatment. Patients who are considered the best candidates for dental implants are those with sufficient bone structure to ensure successful placement. Otherwise, the implant may fail, and alternative options should be discussed, including the placement of a dental bridge or the use of a partial denture. Both are available at Ivory Dental.

Patients ready to speak to a professional about the benefits of dental implants are encouraged to book a consultation visit with Dr. Brendon Prestwich of Ivory Dental today by calling (505) 404-6111 and visiting at 5920 Whiteman Drive in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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