Dental Crowns

Restore Your Teeth and Regain Your Smile!

Affordable Dental Crowns in Albuquerque, NM

Dental crowns are great caps for damaged teeth. Typically, they are made with porcelain or zirconium, but we do use other materials upon request.

Most people actually like zirconium for their back teeth. Those teeth don’t show very much, and it’s a less expensive material. However, you can choose a crown that completely matches the color of your natural teeth. This is done in our office, and it only takes one appointment when using the CEREC Omnicam!

At Ivory Dental, we know that you want to have a beautiful and natural smile. This is a huge concern for you, and some people just aren’t blessed with strong teeth. However, we can always create that for you!

Residents of Albuquerque are sure to appreciate that we are local and very close to their location. You can get quality services without having to travel long distances and can still get the best dental options available.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Dental Crown?

There are many instances where a person should get a crown. In fact, almost everyone is a good candidate because it doesn’t require surgery and isn’t invasive as a treatment. Therefore, you can get a dental crown if you have:

• Cracked teeth
• Severely worn teeth
• Weakened teeth
• Large cavities that can’t be filled properly
• Had a root canal treatment on any tooth
• Had a dental bridge or implant put in

These are all excellent reasons to have a dental crown. We can assess your situation to determine what treatments you need. If you have any of the above issues, now might be the time to choose a crown. However, if you’re not sure, please ask us at your next appointment to find out what’s right for you!

Proper Dental Crown Care?

When we put your crown in your mouth, it’s important to take good care of it. These devices are designed to last for a long time, but proper maintenance is required. Here are a few care tips for your new crown:

• Brush your teeth thoroughly and carefully. It’s important to brush twice daily. However, you should use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The new crown and surrounding teeth might not be sensitive to cold and hot, but you never know!
• Floss between your teeth once a day. You can floss around the crown.
• Do not eat extremely hard foods. If you often chew ice, please stop this habit. It could cause the teeth to fracture or crack, and it might damage your crown, especially if you chose porcelain materials.
• When sleeping, use a mouthguard. That way, you don’t grind or clench your teeth and do more damage to your crown and mouth.

Types of Dental Crowns

We can actually use a variety of materials to create your crown. These include:

• Composite resin
• Zirconia
• Porcelain
• Ceramic
• A combination of any of these materials

For example, most people choose a porcelain crown that’s fused to zirconium. It’s stronger and more durable than one made of all porcelain. Plus, you can still color-match it to your natural teeth.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your crown material, such as:

• Tooth location
• Whether or not your tooth shows when smiling
• Position of gum tissue
• Function of the tooth requiring the crown
• Color of the surrounding teeth
• How much natural tooth remains

Before we do anything, we schedule a consultation with you. That way, you address any concerns you have, ask questions, and get the answers you need to make an informed decision.

There are various types of crowns available, and they include:

One Day Crown

Sometimes, it might be possible to receive a permanent crown in just one appointment. It’s a newer method of doing things, and it requires specific technology and equipment.

For this to happen, a computer design program is necessary. The dentist still takes molds of your teeth, but they add that information to the software to create the tooth. The dental office must have a special block of ceramic to cut the new crown.

Many dental offices do not provide this service. With that said, Ivory Dental doesn’t perform one-day crowns. However, we hope to have this option in the future. It’s a great method, and many people prefer it so that they don’t require two trips to the dentist.

Temporary Crown

A temporary crown can only be used for a very short time. Usually, we don’t provide these unless you want to wait for a lab to make your fixed crown. With this option, we must send the tooth impression to a laboratory. It can take a few weeks to finish the crown.

During that time, the dentist puts a temporary crown over your tooth with some adhesive. This isn’t permanent, so it can be removed when the time comes. However, it’s not very strong, either. That’s the point here since you only require it for a short period. Then, your permanent crown is put on and cemented to that tooth.

Those who choose same-day crowns don’t have to worry about temporary crown placement. However, we include it because some people aren’t candidates for same-day crowns or have other concerns.

Onlay Crown

An onlay crown is sometimes called a ¾ crown. In a sense, you only have to cover a part of your tooth. If you don’t need a full crown, we are capable of offering an onlay crown.

These are often called indirect restorations that can help to reinforce your existing tooth. In a sense, it’s an indirect filling, which means this is a unique service. It’s not quite a crown or a filling, but it’s a mixture of both!

The process is still the same for an onlay crown. It’s made in the lab. You can get a temporary crown in the meantime, and when the ¾ crown comes back, we can bond or cement it to your tooth’s surface.

Get Your Next Crown at Ivory Dental

Typically, crowns last about 15 years. However, some people may find that they require a new one in five years. It really depends on the location of the crown, materials used, and other factors. However, when zirconium or gold are used, they tend to be the best options.

Regardless, you can use a dental crown to help you look better and have a gorgeous and flawless-looking smile. You realize that your tooth underneath has issues, but the crown is there to protect it. Plus, it matches the rest of your smile (when using porcelain or ceramic materials).

At Ivory Dental, we are focused on your needs. Please call to make an appointment so that we can discuss your issues and find out what you require. Since we’re located in Albuquerque, we’re close. You can create your beautiful smile and be more confident with just one call!