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Best Crowns and Bridges in Albuquerque, NM

Dental bridges and crowns are called fixed prosthetic devices. When they are added to your teeth, you cannot remove them again, such as you can with dentures. Typically, crowns and bridges are cemented onto the existing implant or tooth. Only a dentist is allowed to remove them, and this rarely happens or is necessary.

The good news is crowns and bridges can help with a variety of dental issues. At Ivory Dental in Albuquerque, NM, we use crowns and bridges to fix many different cosmetic problems. They are a crucial part of our treatment plans and can help you create a beautiful smile that you’re proud to show off around town.

If you live near or in Albuquerque, it’s time to consider dental bridges and crowns. Those who aren’t sure what they are or how they work, should please continue reading. We explain it all for you so that you’re prepared to ask for what you want during your treatment.

How Dental Crowns Work

A dental crown completely covers your damaged tooth and is often called a cap. We often use them to strengthen chipped or cracked teeth. However, you may get a crown to help improve the appearance, shape, or alignment of the tooth, as well.

We may also place a crown over your implant to make it appear more tooth-like and be similar to the rest of your natural teeth. This also helps with functionality and structure.

Often, we work with porcelain or ceramic materials, which are matched to your natural teeth. That way, each tooth looks similar, and you have a beautiful smile. However, you may also opt for gold, E-max, or acrylic materials.

These alloys are stronger and ideal for your back teeth. However, if you prefer a natural look, we can create a shell of any material and bond the porcelain to it for appearances.

Why Are Crowns Used?

Our dentist often recommends crowns. However, the reasons for having a dental crown are extensive. You may choose to use a crown placement to:

• Cover your dental implants to have that natural appearance for your teeth
• Hide discolored teeth
• Cover a poorly shaped tooth
• Protect teeth that had root canal treatments performed on them
• Attach your bridge
• Protect a weak tooth from cracking or fracturing
• Restore a fractured tooth
• Replace a large filling without enough healthy tooth for another filling (or root canal)

Though crowns are often used for aesthetic purposes, you can clearly see that they have restorative abilities, too. Whether you want to hide an unsightly tooth or want to protect it from further damage, we can help!

How Dental Bridges Work

A bridge is usually recommended if you have lost one or more teeth. Those missing teeth leave a gap, which can cause the other teeth to rotate or shift into the empty area. That causes a poor bite pattern so that the teeth don’t align properly. Imbalances like this can lead to Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders and gum disease.

Bridges span that space for your missing teeth. They get cemented to the natural teeth or implants around the empty area. The anchors are the bridge abutments. With that, we attach a pontic, and we often use a crown. This covers the metal pieces so that it looks more natural.

You have many materials available for dental bridges. The dentist at Ivory Dental can help you select the best one based on aesthetics, cost, location of the missing tooth, and functionality requirements. However, porcelain and ceramic are highly popular because they can match the surrounding teeth’s color

How Crowns and Bridges Are Made

Before the devices are made, your dentist reduces your tooth size to fit the crown or bridge correctly. Then, your dentist takes an impression of your mouth to get the right mold for the crown or bridge.

Your teeth shade is matched, which ensures that the new device looks like your natural teeth.

We then send the impression to a dental lab to create the bridge or crown with the appropriate materials. Before you leave, the dentist gives you a temporary crown or bridge to cover those teeth until the permanent fixture is made and sent back.

This often requires more than one session at the office. However, when your permanent device is available, we cement it over those prepared teeth, and you’re finished.

Common Problems with Dental Bridges and Crowns

While bridges and crowns are ideal for those with chipped or damaged teeth, there could be pain or discomfort afterward. This is normal, but it should not persist for weeks or become severe. If that happens, you should make another appointment so that your dentist can ensure that your mouth is healing properly. Here are a few common issues you might have after receiving a crown or bridge:

• Improper fit – Once the crown is placed, it changes your biting surface. If it’s made too tall, you might feel pain when biting or chewing. This often happens, but the dentist can file it down quickly to fix it.
• Inflamed nerves – When someone requires a crown, they often need root canal treatment. Irreversible damage has happened, and inflammation of your inner nerves is present. We do remove the tooth pulp, but if you’re in severe pain after the crown placement, we might need to test your nerves.
• Sore gums – It’s normal to have sore gums after treatment, and the crown can take time to settle. However, the pain should abate within a few days. If it doesn’t, please call to have it checked.
• Tooth grinding – This is common after bridge or crown treatment. You might not realize you’re doing it, so we often recommend a mouthguard.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that you might have questions about crowns and bridges. This is normal, and we have compiled a list of the frequently asked ones. Find out what you want to know!

If we didn’t answer your question here, you may call and ask anything. Ivory Dental is here for you!

When Should I Get a Crown?

Your smile could benefit from a crown if you have a decayed or damaged tooth. Often, dental fillings aren’t enough for restoration. However, we might also suggest crowns to:

• Support large fillings
• Strengthen teeth that are weak or fractured
• Improve misshapen teeth
• Enhance your smile’s beauty
• Finish a dental implant
• Attach to your dental bridge
• Protect your teeth after root canals or other issues
• Hide imperfections in the teeth, such as severe stains

There are many reasons why we might recommend a crown. When you visit Ivory Dental for treatment, you receive all the options available. We focus on your needs and can help you have a healthy and beautiful smile once more.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Dental Bridge?

Many people consider dental bridges as a cost-effective alternative to dental implants or partial dentures. If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, we often recommend a bridge. They can’t be removed and are anchored into place with dental crowns.

There are many reasons to consider a dental bridge, such as:

• Enhancing your smile’s appearance
• Preventing your natural teeth from shifting out of their current position
• Improving the volume and shape of your face
• Preventing extra stress on your bite pattern
• Restoring the ability to chew, eat, and talk as normal

Though we often recommend implants for that purpose, many people find that they’re too expensive. Dental bridges are a great alternative and can last many decades with the right maintenance and care.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, please make an appointment at Ivory Dental. You can talk with the dentist to find out all of your options to ensure that the right treatment plan is created for your smile.

Are Crowns and Bridges the Only Options for Restoration?

No! We have so many options available for restoring your smile. It depends on your particular needs. However, crowns can work in place of tooth whitening and extraction to protect and provide more support while hiding imperfections.

With that, our bridges are great if you don’t like the idea of surgery for implants or are on a tight budget. The good news is you learn about each treatment option before any services are rendered. That way, you can make an informed decision based on your preferences and requirements. We are always transparent and want you to be happy with your smile.

Choose Ivory Dental for Your Dental Crown or Bridge Procedure

You don’t have to live with unsightly stains or pain. Whether you have had a root canal treatment or have fractured teeth, we can help you hide those imperfections, protect the tooth from more damage, and make your smile look great again. Crowns are the ideal solution, and we make sure that it’s done right!

However, if you’re missing teeth and aren’t a good candidate for implants, a dental bridge might be the next best solution. We always discuss your options with you so that you’re aware of each treatment and procedure. From there, you can choose the one that meets all of your needs.

Don’t hesitate when it comes to your smile. Though crowns and bridges are for aesthetics, they also improve functionality and protect your mouth in various ways. Please call Ivory Dental for an appointment today.

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