Children’s Dentistry Albuquerque

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When parents think of taking their children for their first dental appointment, they often ask around for recommendations of children’s dentists. However, what if you could have your children see by the same dentist you already know and trust with your own smile? Dr. Brendon Prestwich and the team of Ivory Dental are excited to offer services for even the youngest of patients!

Children’s dentistry includes the following services:

  • Cleanings – while many children may be doing a great job at keeping their smiles healthy, they may be at risk for developing cavities and periodontal disease. With regular cleanings, our dental hygienist team can reduce plaque and tartar on the surfaces of the teeth and gums.
  • Examinations- monitoring oral health and wellness is one way to keep the smile healthy for life. When patients visit the dentist every six months, they are taking a proactive approach to their oral health. Examinations can ensure patients are free from disease and cavities.
  • X-rays – taking x-rays of the smile allows the dentist to view possible issues underneath the gum line that cannot be seen with a visual evaluation.
  • Fluoride and sealant applications – applying sealants and fluoride are terrific ways to protect the teeth from cavities and disease.
  • Extractions – when baby teeth are not falling out, permanent teeth need to be removed for orthodontic treatment, or wisdom teeth are becoming troublesome, our team of professional offer simple and surgical extractions.

Whenever there is a serious concern with a child’s smile, Dr. Brendon Prestwich may refer patients to a specialist for further attention. However, most issues can be resolved in our practice without requiring a referral.

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If you are in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area considering a dental professional for your children, we highly recommend visiting the practice of Ivory Dental. Our team of professionals, including Dr. Brendon Prestwich, is excited to provide services for patients of all ages, including the youngest! Build a proper foundation of healthy smiles by scheduling your children for an appointment at (505) 404-6111 or visiting personally at our practice, conveniently located at 5920 Whiteman Drive.


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